#LirikLagu House of Exile Lyrics - Lucky Dube

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LirikLagu House of Exile Lyrics - Lucky Dube
Dapet lagu ini gara-gara ada temen sekamar di Polimak muter ni lagu tiap hari,,, judul di dia punya sih " Timor freedom fighter lucky dube house of exile". Slideshow yang menceritakan kemerdekaan Timor Leste.
Judul aslinya "House of Exile"
Lagu beraliran Reage yang menurut saya memang sangat enak didengar. Memang lagu seperti ini sangat cocok untuk daerah Indonesia Timur, mulai dari NTT sampai Papua.
Freedom fighter standing on a mountain
In a foreign country
Trying to send a message
To his people, back in the ghetto
He had a home one time
Love of a girl
But he left all that behind
Oh yes I can hear him clearly as he whispers in the air
His voice came out loud and clear
All he asked for was a prayer and as he turns to walk away he saidChorus:
I'm still here in the house of exile
For the love of the nationSun went down on the mountain
Birds flew back to their hiding places
Leaving him standing there like a telephone pole
In the still of the night
You and I dream
Dreaming of Romeo & Juliet
All he dreams about is the freedom of the nation
When every man will be equal In the eyes of the law
As he closes his eyes
For the last time he said againChorus till fade



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